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Distribution Real Estate, or an Untalked About Element of Facebook’s Acquisition and Unbundling Strategy

With many distribution channels, there is a presumed cap to how well you can perform: the #1 result for a search term on Google, the #1 free app on the App Store. If you think like a search marketer though, reaching those top results can be just the beginning or your ability to maximize a channel. This type of thinking explains some of Facebook’s recent strategic moves.

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Playing with Sunk Costs

The growth phase of a startup is a time when the emphasis is on growth over profitability. This relaxing of constraints when it comes to spending money creates some short term opportunities that can create long term value, and not just with marketing spend.

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Planning for Positive Externalities

With the emergence of green products and the sharing economy, many are exalting our younger generations for their generosity and renewed sense of commitment to their own communities and not just themselves. But there is an undercurrent driving these trends that involves neither generosity nor community. Unlocking its power can do more to provide social change than most realize.

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