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Distribution Real Estate, or an Untalked About Element of Facebook’s Acquisition and Unbundling Strategy

With many distribution channels, there is a presumed cap to how well you can perform: the #1 result for a search term on Google, the #1 free app on the App Store. If you think like a search marketer though, reaching those top results can be just the beginning or your ability to maximize a channel. This type of thinking explains some of Facebook’s recent strategic moves.

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With Growth, Don’t Forget About the Long Term

The challenge for growth, particularly of new customers, makes startups very focused on short-term tactics that move the needle. But acquisition channels don’t just affect short term numbers. In this post I explain how to watch out for long term negative effects from short term wins, and provide a simple framework to protect you against these problems that typically surface later down the road.

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Be A Silent Killer

Most businesses these days are clamoring for attention, from press, from users, from potential investors. They want you to know everything they’re doing and how successful all of it is. Hype is the word. But some of the best companies pursue the opposite approach, and I think they might be the ones doing it right.

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