About Casey Accidental

Hi, I’m Casey Winters, a startup advisor and consultant in San Francisco. I am currently growth advisor in residence at Greylock Partners. I work with portfolio companies on their growth strategies. I am also an advisor and consultant to many startups, which you can see here. I used to be the product lead for the growth team at Pinterest. I’m an experienced marketer/product hybrid always trying to broaden my experience, whether it be in marketing and growth, product strategy, or branding. As the first marketing hire at GrubHub, I helped the company grow from a few thousand users to millions, and created and implemented strategies for just about any type of marketing or product initiative you can think of. At Pinterest, I worked on various elements of the growth stack, helping the company reach 150 million monthly actives. Prior to GrubHub/Pinterest, I worked in online marketing at Homefinder.com and Apartments.com.

I completed an MBA while working at GrubHub, and enjoy using the tools I learned in class to evaluate what I’m working on in my job and the overall industry. You’ll see this blog range from topics such as theories for how to grow a business, strategies to working with others and managing teams, and nitty gritty growth/marketing tactics. Essentially, I focus on all the problems of scaling a successful company. I always try to blend MBA thinking with startup experience to generate insights that are applicable in a variety of situations.

Why Casey Accidental?

KC Accidental is a Canadian indie rock band that later formed into Broken Social Scene. They released a couple of kick ass albums then evolved into something more. You should check them out if you haven’t.